Rosalee Bloom

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Hair and scalp

Rose Gold hair Growth Serum

Beard Care

  • Moisturizes the Hair and Skin
  • Soften and shine the hair
  • Strenthens the hair
  • Promotes hair growth


My son Xav’s scalp is so clear, and he doesn’t complain about his scalp itching nearly as much as he did. He loves this oil. He brings it to me to remind me to use it.

Her scalp continues to be well moisturized as she uses Rosalee hair growth serum 3 to 5 days a week and she has obtained an additional 2 ½ inches of new growth within 3 months.

When I had my first child, I suffered like a lot of moms having postpartum hair loss. I lost so much hair I was so insecure. I did the big chop and using the Rosalee hair growth serum has helped tremendously to grow my hair, keep my scalp and hair moisturized and retain my length.

Before and after new growth using Rosalee Bloom Growth Serum

Before and after new growth using Rosalee Bloom Growth Serum

Ry had balding in the front of her hair when she was a baby at 3 months I started using Rosalee Bloom Growth Serum and her hair start to sprout so quickly and now her hair is shoulder length.

we are loving the oil! Britton hair can get really dry. The oil makes her hair look great and fully moisturized. I also don't have to put oil in every day so I like that too! The moisture does last and the oil does its job well even with locs

I purchased this hair oil to assist me with my thinning edges. I couldn’t wait to try it out. Shipping was fast and exceptional. I began using 1-2 drops five times a week by massaging them in my scalp. All I can say is that within a month, my edges had grown thicker than when I started. Overall, I was very pleased and happy to have this oil in my daily regimen and hair growth journey. Not to mention that the bottle lasts a while.

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